Deborah 2.0
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Deborah 2.0 is a browsable and text-search dictionary of American Sign Language. The signs have been modified to meet the needs of citizens with multiple sensory and motor disabilities. The app was inspired by Nicolas and Mary Ellen DeLeonardis, in honor of their daughter Deborah DeLeonardis. The app was created as a joint production in cooperation with The American Sign Language Project NFP, DePaul University, the Mabley Family Association, the Mabley Developmental Center and Bowling Green State University. The project was supported in part by the AIP program at DePaul University and The American Sign Language Project, NFP.

This app runs on smart phones via a Web app at There is also an installable desktop version for situations were Internet access is sporadic.

  1. Installing Deborah 2.0 Desktop app
  2. How To Use Deborah 2.0

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