How to Use the Deborah 2.0 app


Deborah 2.0 is a browsable and text-search dictionary of American Sign Language. The signs have been modified to meet the needs of citizens with multiple sensory and motor disabilities. The app was inspired by Nicolas and Mary Ellen DeLeonardis, in honor of their daughter Deborah DeLeonardis. The app was created as a joint proudction in cooperation with The American Sign Language Project NFP, DePaul University, the Mabley Family Association, the Mabley Developmental Center and Bowling Green State University. The project was supported in part by the AIP program at DePaul University and The American Sign Language Project, NFP.
If you are using a smartphone begin by navigating to If you are using the desktop version, double-click on the icon you see here:
On both versions of the app, the next thing you will see is the home screen

The magnifying glass icon is the Word lookup and the grid icon is the Visual lookup.

The visual lookup lets you browse by category. Click the grid icon to access it. Each of the three images to the right show a partial list of categories. Each category has an icon representative of the signs in that category. Click on the desired category.
To use the Word lookup, click the magnifying glass. In the Search box, begin typing a word. This activates a dropdown (seen on the right side of the image) that lists all of the words in the dictionary.
Once you have selected a word, you will see Deborah signing it. At the bottom of screen are three small buttons. Pressing the one on the left shows the front view of Deborah; pressing the middle button shows a side view, and pressing the right button shows a bird's eye view of Deborah as she makes the sign.