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The goal of The American Sign Language Project is to develop and disseminate noninvasive technology that improves communication between the Deaf, hard-of-hearing and hearing communities. Our purpose is to foster the development and to distribute technology that will make it easier for the Deaf and hard-of-hearing to communicate with the hearing world.


  • The Software Grant Program provides software produced by The American Sign Language Project accredited Interpreter Training Programs and licensed and/or accredited organizations that serves populations who use sign language as the perferred form of communication.
  • Fingerspelling Tutor, an interactive program featuring true-to-life fingerspelling. Installation information on Fingerspelling Tutor is available at following this link.
  • New! Deborah 2.0 is a streamlined interactive dctionary where you can browse for a sign visually or by selecting a word. This app runs on smart phones, your favorite web browser, or as a desktop app. See the support pages for Deborah 2.0
  • Mabley Sign Learning Tool, an interactive dictionary where you can look up signs by their handshape and practice sign recognition. See the signs from the front, side or top. As of October 15, 2019, support for this dictionary will be discontinued in favor of Deborah 2.0
  • The Nicholas J. Deleonardis Scholarship program, to encourage students to join in the effort to develop technology that facilitates Deaf / hearing communication.

Please direct questions to development at aslproject dot com

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