Installing the Fingerspelling Tutor
Copyright 2005-2011, The American Sign Language Project, NFP


1. Insert CD in your CD-drive. The Fingerspelling Tutor Setup Wizard should start automatically.

You will first see the Windows installer screen .

If the setup wizard does not start automatically, go to Start > My Computer, then double-click on the drive containing the CD. A Windows Installer will appear temporarily followed by the Tool Setup Wizard.

2. Click “Next” to continue.
3. Read the License Agreement. If you accept the terms click “I Agree” at the bottom of the display box. Click “Next” to continue.
4. If you want to install the software on the C: drive, click “Next”.

If you are not sure, just click “Next.” If you want to install it somewhere else, use the “Browse” button to choose the location.
5. On the “Confirm Installation” screen, click “Next” to start the installation.
6. The installation will take several minutes.
7. When you see the “Installation Complete” screen, the installation is finished. Click the “Close” button.

You are now ready to use Fingerspelling Tutor!
See the "Getting Started" pages for tips on using the software.